My father the TRUE founder of Northern Baller

Mon père le VRAI fondateur de Northern Baller

Without knowing it, my father is the real founder of our young companyNorthern Baller. Let me explain!!

Since I was old enough to put one foot in front of the other my father Jean-Claude encouraged me to move. And when I moved to the point of pissing off more than one, he would encourage me to move more. In the end, he will be initiated into all the sports I know, except basketball. Hockey, baseball, soccer, wrestling, running and even squash, sports I have done them all and more often than anything in his company!pagnie!

He was a great athlete, so much so that I believe today that I was brought up elsewhere than in his native village ofe Robertville in New Brunswick he could have turned professional. Endowed with extraordinary explosiveness and speed, he above all had a desire to conquer without limit, a bit like Maurice Richard. I loved to follow him everywhere in his ball, hockey or broomball tournaments. But what I loved more than anything was playing with him.ui. Se pitcher » the ball in the back yard, kick the soccer ball or play hockey on the rink he painstakingly crafted year after year..

Unlike him, I played sports to be with my friends.The embarrassment of victory did not flow through my veins. He may have skipped a generation, we have to believe. My father's determination cannot be learned, it is in hisn dna. I have that determination, but it seems like it never really transposed into sports, where I've always been the talented guy who spared his efforts a little or rode the easy wave a bit. Maybe wastait-this precisely because the sport was easy for me or perhaps because of a lack of confidence, I don't really know. I've always been among the best players without really putting any effort into it.s.

My father, on the other hand, will certainly have passed on the stepssion to try several things. LLhas a passion for playing outdoors ande me meet up with my friends for our endless street hockey, basketball or baseball games at the Val-Joli school ground where I smashed several windows with cannon shots! I am sorry for thatse 😂

This way of doing with me, Ireproduced today with my 4 childrens and the young people I coach in baseball and basketball. From their first step, I threw them balloons, balls and still today’hui they shout at me: Papa! Come on beat in bed upstairs! My wife Sophie also instills in them openness to variouss activities that are less part of the father's repertoire such as running andhiking. I thank her for that.We make a good team!

These days if you look at my Facebook page, you'll see a ton of photos and videos of baseball and basketball with my kids. Maybe it annoys some of you, but for me it's my way of trying to get young people and their families to enjoy these moments together!les!

Northern Baller was founded on these principles. Trying to get families, friends, neighborhoods to come together and play several sports outside as my good old father showed me! Play, play, play until one day you FIND YOUR NORTH.ORD.

For me it will have been in several stages. First, my true North will have been my spouse and my children. They're the ones who keep me the kid I've always been..Secondly, spend time with them likemy dad did it with me. En third step, the coaching that I discovered about 6 years ago. It's hard to feel better than on a baseball or basketball court to show young people that they have to believe in themselves. Difficult to feel better than when youon itselfsees having such a small positive impactt be it on the life of care kids. Lastly, our company. Sheget me out of my stupid zonestrong, brings me to meet high quality humans and helps me continue to My Nord I have found them and I can share some of them with 2 amazing guys who share the same values as me, Oli and Charles.Thanks the boys believe it from the start..

Deep down PAPA, without knowing it you are the founder of this beautiful company. I hope you can continue through this one to inspire generations to come to move more and believe in their dreams until they find their north. In the background PAPA this company, without knowing it is YOU TOI… Thanks POPS.


Michael Bryar founder andco-owner ofNorthernBaller

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