A new product, the Kärbür Bäll !!!!

Un nouveau produit, la  Kärbür Bäll!!!!
Northern Baller is very proud to present its new 100% Quebec product made by our business partner SnackTonik. A dedicated product for families & young people who love sporting activities! We present to you the very first tender Bäll snack on the market!
The Kärbür Bäll !!! An ideal snack for the whole family. As much for school snacks, on the road, at work and before a sporting activity. A vegan product, lactose free, made with oats and dark chocolate. In addition, we are proud to announce that part of the profits will go to our sports community. They are currently available on our online store and in several IGA Extra Supermarkets. For all inquiries from Kärbür Bäll for your upcoming sporting events, do not hesitate to contact us.

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