Our Ambassadors

Charles Fortier

A former Rouge et Or player from Laval University and current president of the same club, Charles fell in love with his orange ball in high school.

Today our ambassador FINDS HIS NORTH with his family, his company Planica and his community. For Charles, FIND YOUR NORTH passes above all through social and sporting involvement.

Chris Normand

Center-back with the Montreal Alouettes FOUND HIS NORTH through football. Recognized for his aggressiveness and ardor in the game, he notably helped the Laval University Rouge et Or win 2 Vanier Cups, before settling in the CFL. He also runs the Chris Normand Performance Camp where he guides young Quebecers in football training.

Marc-Antoine Bérubé

Marc-Antoine Bérubé lived his dream by playing for the Oakland A's organization. Now the pitching coach of the Baseball Canada Academy, the former A's prospect is doing everything in his power to give back to the next generation.

Zacary Alexis

Midfielder with the Artilleros de Puebla and former player for the Calgary Stampeders and the University of Montreal Carabins, this athlete has found his north with football. He is for us a figure of determination, courage, passion and also a family man. These are all qualities that we hold dear and we are proud that he believes and proudly wears our products.

Alex Agostino

Northeast recruiter for the Philadelphia Phillies and recipient of the AB “Turk” Karam Award as Professional Scout of the Year, this avid sportsman has found his north with baseball. His passion for baseball and his determination allowed him to build a career in professional baseball as a recruiter. He always continued to put Quebec talent to the fore.

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