Our team

The Northern Baller team was created by the reunion of Mike and Olivier who shared a common passion and vision for the sport. According to their vision, the team is there to inspire people to move outside with family and friends as well as to offer quality unisex clothing dedicated to ballers and sportsmen. Our team has found their North and believe they can help you find yours!e!

Michael Bryar

Since Mike was able to put one foot in front of the other, sport has always been a part of his life. Sports he literally tried them all. By way of basketball, baseball and hockey! This observation and his involvement as coach of the baseball and basketball teams of his 4 children will have led him to reflect on how to bring young people, families and friends back outside to practice these wonderful sports. And hence the birth of the Northern Baller sports brand and lifestyle. Mike firmly believes that by bringing back the simple love of sport, getting people back to playing outside will help young people to Find their North, their passion.

Olivier Lepage

Always great for a game of basketball, games with friends forged team spirit, discipline and a competitive spirit. Team sport is of utmost importance to Olivier. He is now a big fan of football, a sport he would have liked to be introduced to at a younger age. Persistent, tenacious and genuine, these qualities have allowed him to excel in the business world for over 15 years. The experiences and situations in team sports have allowed him to find his north in the business world. Now a devoted family man, he wants to pass this passion on to his children.s.

Our history